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Thread: Can the MAF fail only when hot? (SL500)

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    Re: Can the MAF fail only when hot? (SL500)

    Well guys, I was finally able to sort the issue!
    You will laugh, but I have to report back the solution to all of you who helped and advised me through the whole thread.
    I didn't pay enough attention when I plugged the plug wires back into the dissy caps! Whereas I was very careful in the process... I re-checked the sequence this morning and realized that cylinder#6 and #7 had there plug wires inverted!
    Put back correctly, now my engine timing is back to normal again.
    I hope I won't see the misfires and rough idle again this time with the new caps&rotors...
    Anyway, I will order a new set of caps&rotors from Bosch/Beru as Dave told me...
    Thanks again to all of you and I apologize if the thread was long or annoying...
    Best regards,

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    Re: Can the MAF fail only when hot? (SL500)

    Btw, I would like to know the answer regarding the resistance values for the ignition coils... If my coils are ok or if they need to be changed.
    The primary resistance for the bosch after market coils is:
    0.9 ohm
    Whereas the old original OE coils resistance is: 0.8 ohm
    The secondary resistance is approximately: 11000 ohm for all of them.
    The primary resistance value makes me doubt if they are still fine...
    Can someone shed some light please??

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    Re: Can the MAF fail only when hot? (SL500)

    Glad to hear you got it figured out! Now see if it keeps running properly.

    The difference in primary resistance, 0.8 vs 0.9 ohms, is nothing to be concerned about. Most ohm meters are not accurate enough to have a meaningful measurement below 1 ohm anyway (unless you are using a high-end Fluke, or similar). I've replaced coils proactively just based on age / miles, but I've never had a defective one that I could measure with an ohm meter to see the difference between good and bad.

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    Re: Can the MAF fail only when hot? (SL500)

    This is one of the most annoying mistakes on a M119 ever! could happen to anyone.

    Glad you spotted mixup, it is surprising how well these cars run with 1 injector/spark off

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