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Thread: 124.034 Suspension & Handling Guidance

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    124.034 Suspension & Handling Guidance

    Researching upgrade paths has been exhausting and raised more questions than I had going into the project. Open W124 tabs in Firefox are dominating my RAM usage. I could certainly use some guidance.

    To set the upgrade stage:

    I would like to improve the handling to a sportier drive while remaining as OE as possible. The stock 15 8-Hole wheels and narrow tires look deflated even at the correct PSI. Of course swapping in Sportline parts comes to mind for this project as well as:

    -E500E front brakes
    -Larger wheels 16-17 / 7-7.5 wide (partly to accommodate the brakes)
    -SLS retrofit

    But first, the wheels. Ideally I would like to find a direct fit- no spacers or fender-rolling. Consensus seems to be ET35-40 are functional without modifications. Is that correct? So AMG wheels are out. Frequently, other non-AMG wheels get bumped out too it seems because of the larger brakes compared to the 6zyl.

    Ive narrowed it down to 17x7.5 ET37 Evo II (B66470527) & 16x7 ET46 8-Hole (B66470069). Im not clear if the 16x7.5 8-Hole wheels are from the W210 or carried over to it? Does it make a difference?

    Then again, if I install the 320mm rotors & brakes, these wheels might not fit? Add in ride height changes with Sportline components and I am back to square one.

    I have been reading the W124Performance site for info on individual suspension parts but I feel that its a more piecemeal way to accomplish this and Im worried about buying parts based solely on a diagram. I have yet to find a checklist of needed items. Does one exist?

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