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Thread: Dwight Yoakam At the Greek Theater MB PARKING

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    Dwight Yoakam At the Greek Theater MB PARKING

    My Wife an I fired up the old girl at went to the Greek Theater armed with special MB Parking pass!
    Dwight put on a great show!
    We left Agua Dulce it was 102F at the house, turned the AC on and cd and cruised at 80+ till Sun Valley. Then Stop and go all the way to the Greek. Barely got over 80C on the dash it ran perfect! As a very well maintained MB of 160K miles should. With the AC on All the way!
    So I was thinking the next Ding Dong, want a be 500E / E500 owner, that shows up to look at the car and starts to cry about how many miles are on it or the has a few scratches ( this one is the best "I did not know these cars did not have drink cup holders" seriously it happend) should not have the privilege of driving one of these a wonderful classics.
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