Let's try if someone has done this or have better infromation for this. I tried at the mbworld but no answer..

I have W204 C300 CDI 4-matic and would like to do brake upgrade. Current brakes are good but the calipers look a bit shy when the rest of the car is nice.

So, has anyone tested or done brake upgrade for 4-matic? C63 AMG brakes are often found in eBay so I think that this would be the easiest way to do it and AMG brakes are OEM stuff..

So the question is, are the W204 C63 AMG brakes compatible with W204 4-matic models and are they bolt on to front axle of 4-matic? Rears would fit with no issues.

If not, are the mounting brackets different or AMG brake disc won't fit to the front axle hub, etc.?