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Thread: charge light problem ....

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    charge light problem ....

    Hi Guys
    got a weird charge problem
    the cluster charge light lights up with key on , once started it does off
    car only charges 12.5v with new lower harness and rebuilt 150A alt.
    when I disconnect the blue wire from the cluster and junction box by the can box , the charge light in the cluster
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    Re: charge light problem ....

    have you checked all fuses?Have you checked voltage at the "charging "wire at the alternator?Have you checked alternator having good ground,and good positive connection?
    If we do the routing of the charging wire from the then goes to the fusebox on the left hand side of the engine compartment and is there connected to the Bulb failure module,,then it goes from that the intstrument cluster,,then back to the fusebox which is then connected to the ign switch.
    You need to check first if you have positive power on the charging wire at the alternator.If need to find out "where" it misses the positive power.coming basically from the ign switch..but going through the mentioned components.

    Did all this happen "after" you did any repairs?you mention new lower harness..and rebuilt Alternator?did the problems occur after any of this work beeing carried out?

    Check out the wiring diagram here,which is for a 1992 it depends on what year your car is.I havent checked the differences between facelift and prefacelift.You need to basically check the visuals first..and then measure your way at the charging wire.It definetly can be a problem with your new "rebuilt" alternator..not uncommon.
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    Re: charge light problem ....

    I was taking my voltage reading from the cigar later but it was weird that when I would turn on the lights I would lose power so I took the ashtray apart The ground was Not connected
    all perfect now
    Thanks for your insight
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