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Thread: A/C Compressor not working

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    A/C Compressor not working

    When I start the engine and switch on A/C the magnet clutch kicks in for one second and then stops working.

    There is enough pressure in the system, the pressure switch is working o.k.

    If i bridge the switch it is the same. Magnet clutch kicks in, then stops.

    So I think the rev sensor of the compressor is not working.

    How can i check the sensor?

    Is there a wiring diagramm of the system available (climatronic) ?

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    Re: A/C Compressor not working


    first and absolute first thing to check. Do you have any PS leaks which would leak down onto the compressor clutch? The FSM appears to be online and you can find all your information needed. The sensor is a hall effect sensor- check it the with the same way as a CPS. Noteably, there is probably something on testing in the FSM.


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