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Thread: Ceramic paint coatings

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    Ceramic paint coatings

    Anyone here using a ceramic/nano etc paint sealant/treatment?

    I just spent quite a bit of time cleaning my wheels and they are still kinda of rough to the touch even if there is no seen residue. I ordered some iron remover to try and remove the roughess assuming it's imbedded iron. But then, I'd like to coat them to help keep them clean and make washing easier.

    What products are you guys using..?

    How about for paint?

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    Re: Ceramic paint coatings

    Iíve been meaning to try a ceramic sealant but havenít yet. Please post your results.

    You might try clay to remove embedded contaminants from the wheels.
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    Re: Ceramic paint coatings

    Looks like they break into DIY and pro application. GLI seemed well rated by a detail shop in Tyler..

    Yes, considered clay.. start with removing iron. These are polished bbs wheels. Can always touch up with some aluminum polish.

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    Re: Ceramic paint coatings

    Yes I have ceramic coated my car and my wheels. I have a full face Carlsson 2/6 wheel so you can really see the beading action. As for the car, the ceramic coating takes about an hour but the paint correction is what takes time. It can take 6-10 hours to do that properly. I used cQuartz the first time and now I use Gtechniq on my other cars.
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