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Thread: 1998 C280 AC Compressor not engaging...

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    1998 C280 AC Compressor not engaging...

    Cheers all!

    AC Compressor not engaging... 1998 c280. This is more of a general question to where to go from here. I never really touched any AC components in my life (other than adding a little bit of R134a). So If I went through all the diagnostic steps via climate control unit (similar to W210, W208 and late R129 units), no codes, no permanent no intermittent codes to display...

    So I then unplugged the blue wire going to AC compressor to test it - the wire is alive at 14V with climate control on and on LOW, so the climate control and everything else is working and it is sending the signal to AC compressor.

    Are there any other steps one can take or, knowing that the power supply to the unit is good, and yet, the clutch is not engaging - is it a fair to say that AC Compressor is done?


    P.S. I've searched for DIY all over the net for any M112 fitted W202, W210, W208, can't find anything with steps for removing these 0002306811, 0002307011 units, so if you have any info/PDF with steps, I would greatly appreciate it!
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