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Thread: E500E Exhaust Resonator/Cat Options

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    E500E Exhaust Resonator/Cat Options

    Hello all,

    Right, thanks to members here, there is a wealth of information regarding E500E exhaust options however the options seem to be changing from time to time, especially with new entrants to the market bringing new products.

    My current setup is as follows:

    • Replica Brabus backbox.
    • Stock resonator (look in poor condition but I think that is just the outer covering).
    • Decat pipes (look in poor condition and maybe leaking gases etc).

    The oxygen sensor is in place but no idea how it is functioning as have not viewed the outputs on STAR. I will replace it when upgrading the exhaust anyway as I understand it is the original.

    Ideally I want to replace the entire system with stainless steel throughout but very much like the genuine AMG mufflers, especially since the car is a pre-facelift 500E I think it suits the car very well. Are they stainless steel?

    Main query - need help with catalyst/resonator delete options.

    My proposed future setup:

    • Genuine AMG rear muffler with twin square tips.
    • Resonator delete - I can see Fox make a Y pipe out the box but I suppose this can be manufactured from scratch also? - Q: are there any other decent plug and play options?
    • Magnaflow sports cats - seem to be a decent replacement for OEM - would it be better to purchase this from the US or used 500E cats? Q: are there any other decent plug and play options?

    Many thanks and sorry for this new thread on exhausts - keen to take stock of exhaust options and understand what exists in the current day.

    Added complication is that I am based in Dubai, UAE so parts would, for the most part, need to be shipped in.

    Many thanks all!

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    Re: E500E Exhaust Resonator/Cat Options

    There were never any AMG Germany mufflers, only an AMG Japan muffler which appears to simply have square AMG tips added to an otherwise stock box... however, I suppose it's possible they cut open the muffler and modified the internals. Are the Magnaflow cats still available? I thought I read something about them going NLA recently. I would be OE/dealer cats if still available, these may also be NLA.

    Assuming you don't want to wait for the next Leistung exhaust build, I'd seriously consider the Fox setup, unless you are set on getting the AMG Japan muffler (or, creating a replica by adding square tips to a stock 500E box).

    Timevalve still offers the separate Y-pipe, although there are minor fitment issues; the graphite ring recess is not as deep as stock. Think someone posted photos on the forum a year or two ago?

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