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Thread: Invasione Italiana

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    Invasione Italiana

    I was driving all night; my hands were dry on the wheel. I slowly, yet surely started believing my eyes were playing tricks on me. Each time I blinked I saw another one. Coming. Going. Next to me. At the red light. I'm not at Lake Como. I'm HERE. I must be asleep at the wheel again. I must be dreaming. Maybe I've already crashed & this is what Heaven (or HELL) is like?

    WAKE UP!!

    I was awake.

    My Hinterlands were literally choked with Ferraris. More Ferraris than I've EVER seen before. Hundreds of Ferraris. On every street, highway & backroad. Carrying on & ripping it up at every hour of the day. Car carriers filling every parking lot. I couldn't walk a straight line without having to walk around a Ferrari.

    Not that I didn't mind.

    Unbeknownst to me, the Ferrari Club of America had inundated my neck of the woods with the largest contingent of participants ever. What a glorious sight for any "art of the car" buff.

    The weather was stellar on the day I encountered their invasion. The Watkins Glen racetrack was somewhat recently repaved. They must have had a blast.

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    Re: Invasione Italiana

    If Legends Of the Autobahn pays tribute to the W124 chassis one day, it would be great to have a big turn out like this.


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