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Thread: Antenna Problem

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    Antenna Problem


    My Hirschmann antenna just suddenly quit. No noise or grinding from the antenna - just nothing. Now it is in the down position and had been working great (I lube the mast often).. Fuse is good under the hood and trunk light works so power is in the area.

    I am missing something? Another in-line fuse or relay or something? Been reviewing the great posts here but haven't seen anything yet on this failure mode. Any pointers would be appreciated before I start tearing everything up in the trunk.


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    Re: Antenna Problem

    If all the wiring to the antenna has the expected voltages... the circuit board inside the antenna may have died. I've encountered several of these over the years. I don't know a way to test or confirm other than taking it apart and swapping out the board with a different, known-good circuit board. The unit can be bench-tested outside the car. If the mast, motor, etc are all good it's likely the new circuit board will resurrect it.

    On a side note, complete new antenna assemblies appear to be NLA via aftermarket sources, and I'm not even sure if they are available as refurbs from either MB or Becker.

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