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Thread: WTB: 500E Euro headlight glass lenses - Right hand traffic

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    WTB: 500E Euro headlight glass lenses - Right hand traffic

    Wtb 500E 92-93 european headlights glass both sides for use in Germany /rh traffic/
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    Re: Wtb 500E eu lhd headlight glass

    All 036's are LHD... do you want left-hand-traffic (Japan / UK), or right-hand-traffic (USA) lenses?

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    Re: WTB: 500E Euro LHD headlight glass lenses

    Sorry, corrected, I want for right hand traffic to use in Europe /Poland/.

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    Re: Wtb 500E eu lhd headlight glass

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisro View Post
    Wtb 500E 92-93 eu lhd headlight glass both sides
    500E Euro Lens for - right traffic

    000 820 12 66 and
    000 820 13 66

    Purchased my spares, (not for sale), about a year ago, they were available new then..

    I just checked a couple of the USA dealership sites on line, they are still listed on some of them, but you probably need to call to make sure they are really available..

    try these on-line parts stores, and there are others.
    Just noticed your in Europe, try Christian Hoppe,
    Christian may be able to find them in Germany. He's helped me a few times, very responsive and helpful;

    Christian G. Hoppe
    International Sales

    14163 BERLIN

    PHONE: +49 30 852 40 56
    FAX: +49 30 852 18 49

    This was a tip from originally from gsxr. I purchased the entire euro headlights and pre-facelift lens from Speed Autoteile a couple of years ago or so, a great resource....good luck

    PS: If you have a original Japan or UK market 500E, you will also need new reflectors

    001 826 82 78 Reflector Left for RHT
    001 826 83 78 Reflector Right for RHT

    My Bornite 500E was a japan build car, I've made the same swap it appears that you are doing now.

    Check out the PDF listed under the attachment, it shows the EPC different P/Ns

    Good Luck...
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