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Thread: BECKER Radio Decoding – FREE

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    BECKER Radio Decoding – FREE

    On a different forum (it really doesn’t matter which one, does it?), a website was posted that supplies the Becker radio codes for free:
    I am letting you guys know so you don’t spend money on other sites that ask for a fee for this service. This site is not new, apparently it has been up and running for a while, but most people don’t know about it, I recently found out about it. I am already registered on that website and ran few code inquiries that worked. If anybody needs help with a radio code, just post the info here and I will try to help you with the code.

    What is needed to find the code:

    • Radio model name (Grand Prix, Mexico, Europa, Indianapolis, etc.)
    • Radio model number (BE1490, BE1492, etc.)
    • Radio’s Serial Number (X1237890, E5467732, etc.)

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    Re: BECKER Radio Decoding – FREE

    Quote Originally Posted by liviu165 View Post
    On a different forum (it really doesn’t matter which one, does it?),
    Oh, it matters all right.....

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