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Thread: FS: 1988 300CE Coupe, barn find with delivery miles (98km only)

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    FS: 1988 300CE Coupe, barn find with delivery miles (98km only)

    I spotted this on ebay yesterday Ė a very interesting car for sure with incredible low miles. It is a real shame it appears to have been stored in poor conditions. The boot lid has rust for example and I wonder if the original paint would still clean up as showroom new if given a thorough detail

    Unique opportunity to buy this Mercedes Benz 300 CE with unbelievably low mileage of 98 kilometres (60 miles). The car was brought from Sweden, fully operational, with the steering wheel on left-hand side. At the moment, the car is kept in Poland. It is a truly museum/exhibitory model. It has been kept in a barn for the last 30 years. While kept in the barn, water was dripping onto the bonnet of the car and it resulted in limescale build up. Descaling is an uncomplicated process, yet it has to be done by a specialist using special chemical products (I havenít tried to remove it myself). The car has never been washed from the day of purchase. I would also like to add, that the barn this car has been kept in is very well ventilated which provided best conditions for this car to be kept in. This car requires minimum work and effort to bring it back to the perfect condition. I have the name and address of the company this car was purchased from, as well as all the paperwork, a set of keys, vehicle service book and vehicle manual, in general all the paperwork you would get when buying a new car from a car salon. All the paperwork is intact, in impeccable state. I am able to present the carís history from the moment of purchase in 1988 until today, all supported with appropriate documents. There has only been 141 498 copies of this model of the care manufactured. Everything is genuine and in perfect condition. A real treat for car collectors. It is probably the only, 100 per cent original, intact model of this car with such low mileage of 98 km (60m). I am open to offers. If you are interested, please contact me at 07724290468 or . If I donít answer, please send me a text message. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you

    Posted in off topics as this is not a 034 or 036 model. If mods wish to move this thread please feel free to do so

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