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Thread: Under the car questions?

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    Under the car questions?


    I am doing a ATF flush and seen a few things...... Please comment at will.

    Next to the ATF pan there is a cable hanging. It looks like transmission cable that terminates into a round screw down pin connector into the trans housing just above the pan. On the picture, Look at the edge of the pan and notice the slot near the cable? I really don't like the idea of "hot pan next to important plastic cable" so is there supposed to be an offset metal clip and if so anyone got a part number? I will just fabricate an offset worst case but any ideas?

    Then since I was under the car and get an occasional CLUNK sound when I reverse and roll I thought I would check all my linkages and joints.

    See below picture of my idler arm joint. I understand this is a ball joint and that more than .5mm play in the vertical plain on this joint requires replacement but I don't have a dial indicator and there appears to be no vertical play when I pull and push on it. I do have lots of swing play so is that normal? Upon steering pressure it tightens up and is rigid so I can't find the source of the "clunk".

    So since I was down there what about the main BALL JOINT? I know there is a fulcrum based tool that grabs onto the joint but don't have it. Any channel lock or like quick techniques to check the play in that without the MB tool? I have the front wheels off and will carefully look for play turning the rotors side to side and steering wheel and restricting certain points to isolate.

    LASTLY...No picture but since I am replacing the oil pan seal anybody have the part numbers for the 2 sizes of hose clamps (I just need the rubber liners actually) that attach to hoses going around the base of the lower pan? Two are for metal tubes and others for a rubber hose. I don't know what system these belong to either. The rubber inserts on the metal hold downs have all cracked out. Looking for part numbers. The schematics for the parts guys online all use a limited version that leaves much to be desired.

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    Re: Under the car questions?

    The plug that is disconnected from the side of your transmission is probably for the high pressure switch. They fail on occasion and I've found that when presented with the repair costs (about $100 for the part, probably 0.5 for labor) that people opt out when they find out it won't affect their driving. Unless they drive very aggressively.

    Swing play in the steering linkage is nothing to worry about unless the steering is "sloppy". If the car drives well and tracks straight down the road with your hands off the wheel, it's probably OK.

    Those are the lines to/from the transmission to the transmission cooler in the bottom of your radiator. You can get a short piece of 1/2" rubber hose, like fuel line, and split it and insert to replace the failed or missing pieces.


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    Re: Under the car questions?

    An ATF flush, or an ATF change?

    It's best just to change the ATF, drain the pan, drain the torque converter, and change the filter.

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    Re: Under the car questions?

    Is there a way to do it without removing a part of the exhaust System?

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    Re: Under the car questions?

    Quote Originally Posted by Twilling View Post
    Is there a way to do it without removing a part of the exhaust System?
    Yes, but it's more work, makes a huge mess, and you may have trouble removing the trans pan with the crossover pipe installed.

    Just remove the exhaust crossover pipe. It takes all of 15 minutes. If the bolts break where they attach to the main pipe, just replace them (standard M8 stuff). Apply anti-seize to the 2 manifold bolts when re-installing. I've never had the manifold bolts seize or break. With the pipe removed, the rest of the ATF job is a breeze.

    ATF change How-To:

    Crossover pipe:


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