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Thread: SLK320 6 speed no start (possible immobilizer)

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    SLK320 6 speed no start (possible immobilizer)

    All, I bought an 01 SLK320 with a light hit (airbag did not deploy). It's a manual car but does not want to start, even when the clutch pedal is depressed.
    I see some wiring from a fuse box going to the transmission down to the back of the engine (firewall) under the car and also to a cheap looking to a siren. I suspect that it's some sort of immobilizer. I'm wondering if it's wring to the starter or to maybe a neutral safety equivalent for a manual transmission car could have been.

    I won't be able to get the car in the air for a while due to space constraints but I'm wondering what could have been hacked if anything in order to prevent the car from starting.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    Re: SLK320 6 speed no start (possible immobilizer)

    There is no any safety switch in transmision or clutch pedal. Check K40 relay.
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    Re: SLK320 6 speed no start (possible immobilizer)

    Is the wiring for an aftermarket alarm system? If so w/o the keyfob you would have to find the overide button (most cases in the glove compartment) and depress it and it will start.

    Just a shot in the dark.


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