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Thread: WTB: Center console

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    WTB: Center console

    I know that there's 2 different kinds of wood . How would i know which one i have? thank you, is it easy to find that here in the forum or should i but it in dealership?

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    Re: WTB: Center console

    All 500E's came with burled walnut wood. What wood are you looking for? The piece around the shifter and window switches? New will be $300-$400 (approx), or you can have your existing wood refinished by Madera for a little less. Used pieces are probably half that much depending on condition.

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    Re: WTB: Center console

    To the best of my knowledge, there was only ONE kind of wood available stock from the factory on the US-spec 500E/E500, and that is burled walnut.

    The never-available-in-the-US E500 Limited had a special birds-eye maple wood, generally fairly dark in color.

    Pedestrian (non-V8, non-coupe and non-convertible) W124s generally had regular Zebrano wood. I believe in Europe one could special-order Zebrano wood on a 500E/E500, and special-order burl walnut on a 4-, 6-cylinder or hack*diesel*cough W124.


    Burled walnut

    Zebrano wood

    Bird's eye maple wood (E500 Limited only)

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    Re: WTB: Center console

    Yes with the window sitches. I think its the burled wood, i appreciate it guys, thanks and more power.

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