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Thread: My driftseason 2014

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    My driftseason 2014

    Hello board-members,

    I combined several nice videos from my last drift season with my E500; so if you would like to take place on the passenger seat for 5 minutes, you are welcome. I hope you enjoy it.

    The story behind the video:
    This is my first posting here and I think I should introduce myself a bit. I am quite sure that you recognized up to here that english is not my mother language, it is german and there I live. My first cars were all from Opel / GM and I really enjoied them but after several years on racetracks with an Opel Speedster (Vauxhall VX) I had to see, that this car with its 280 HP drove faster than I could think and in case of an accident, it would not protect me at all. Additionally, my hobby changed from race track or slalom to drifting and the Speedy is not that good for drifting because the traction is too good and the hole car is a littel to fragile for usually uneven drift tracks. So I searched a new fun toy and remembered my 6 months of practical semester at Mercedes Benz (Plant Sindelfingen) where the A124 were built during the time (1996) when I was there. Even if the W124 was not built anymore, the E500 was a legend at that time for the workers and I liked it to. So I searched one and found one, really nerby and really cheap but I was not sure about the LSD: has it one from stock ? Has quafie one ? Or ? Or ? Or ?
    That was the big moment from this board !
    Here I found a link to youtube with a nice vid from a drifting W140 and W124 what made me clear: If others can do this, I can do it as well. The next weekend, the E500 (big bertha) was bought, got repaired, welded and so on during the next months and legalized for street use, an ASR kill switch was implemented and an LSD, too.
    Since then, we both have lots of fun on tracks in europe, even if the LSD is no more functioning and the engine does not want to turn more than 4500rpm since about 3 months but all this does not matter because the winter starts now and I can fix all that.


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    Re: My driftseason 2014

    Very cool! Welcome to the forum, Markus, and thanks for posting the video!

    Dave M.
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    Re: My driftseason 2014

    Welcome !

    Looks very cool, would love to see some video from outside of the car also.

    Thanks for joining and sharing.
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    Re: My driftseason 2014

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    Re: My driftseason 2014

    Excellent video, Markus . Thanks for coming on here and welcome !
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    Re: My driftseason 2014

    OK, one year has elapsed, it felt shorter to me....

    However, I made again several videos this year and I hope, that you enjoy them.
    As wished by Karl, I made videos from the outside, too. All were done with my new toy, called soloshot2 what is a camera robot. Unfortunally, this robot has a will of its own and it is not the same as mine but you will see.....

    I am relly glad that the winter starts know because the car burned 4 Liters of oil on every driftday (maybe valve sealing) and one Kat is totally closed so "big bertha" goes to health cure now.


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