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Thread: Is this Headlight Correct?

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    Is this Headlight Correct?

    I recently ordered a pair of new OEM headlights (from Tom at the MBCC and I think one is not correct.

    My car is a facelifted 1993 500E and parts ordered were 120-820-07-57 (left) and 120-820-08-57 (right). The stickers on the housings reflect these part numbers; however the right housing seems different.

    The interior housing isn't near as 'shiny' as the right housing. Also the left light is marked "AL" and the right light is marked "Bosch".

    Am I just being paranoid (spending $1k on a pair of lights will do this) or could the part number sticker on the right housing been put on by mistake?

    Both lights (right one is on the left side of the photo):

    Left light lens marking:

    Right light lens marking:
    '93 500E

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    Re: Is this Headlight Correct?

    Those are correct... OE 1994 USA E500 lights are made by Bosch, and some Bosch is now branded Automotive Lighting (AL). Strange there is a slight visible difference between them. You probably would never notice once they are installed on the car though.

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    Re: Is this Headlight Correct?

    Bosch spun off it's exterior lighting manufacturing operations which now exist as "Automotive Lighting" Same stuff, even the same manufacturing plants.
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